At a time when other supermarkets are frantically lowering their prices to the extent that they may as well just start handing the clothes out free (yes, Asda, I'm talking to you), leave it to Tesco to try to be different.

Following in the footsteps of US brands like Target, and in defiance of the current "I'm the cheapest store in all the land! No, I am!" climate that exists in the world of supermarket fashion, Tesco's prices will be going up as they introduce a designer diffusion line into their collections.

The new F&F collection is an offshoot of the current Florence and Fred label, and is being pitched as Tesco's answer to Designers at Debenhams and Marks & Spencer's Autograph. Designed by the supermarket's current head fashion honcho, Lee Rees-Oliviere, it will be launched in 25 stores next week, leaving us all to play our favourite game  - "Which Tesco is actually carrying this stuff?" - all over again. Lovely.

Worry not, though: although the prices will be higher than those currently seen in the supermarkets, at £90 for a suit and £55 for a silk tea dress, it's probably not time to increase the overdraft just yet.