Oh my God, the coat! The coat! Just how gorgeous is that coat? I can tell this coat is going to torture me: I'm going to spend all winter looking for one just like it, but a few thousand pounds cheaper, all the while lusting over its loveliness. Actually, there's quite a lot to lust over in this collection. This year is Gucci's 85th birthday, and they celebrated in Milan with lots of colour: mostly deep purples and reds for a rich, vibrant look.

Like many of the shows we've seen lately, the spirit of the 60s was very muchalive at this one too, with lots of kaftan-style smocks and shift dresses. I'll be heading off on honeymoon just as the Spring/Summer collections start to hit the stores, and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. I definitely picked the right season for a holiday. Now if I could just add some little Gucci numbers to the wedding list...