First things first: no, the yellow swing coat is still not in-store. Some might say, though, that if Matalan have any sense, they'll get it, and other items like it, in stock soon, because at the moment, things aren't looking too good for the chain. In fact, sales are reported to have fallen by 5% over the last two months, with Tesco, Asda, and old nemesis Primark getting the blame for shoppers' lack of enthusiasm for the discount delight that is the big red M.

I've done my bit to support them by availing myself of the "two pairs of shoes for £12" offer that's currently running, but unless Matalan is able to pull something truly wonderful out of the (plastic) bag, finance bods are predicting a dire future. Could this be the end for Matalan? Do we care? (If you do, the sweater dress in the picture is £14. Bargain.)