_1777554_hurley150_1 Now, I can be pretty indecisive myself when it comes to fashion, but I've got absolutely nothing on Liz Hurley, who is reported to have ordered a total of 13 different dresses for her forthcoming wedding to Arun Nayer. Versace wedding dresses, natch.

To be fair, the woman is having two different weddings - one at Barnsley House in Glouchester, and another, three-day event, in her fiances native India. I never was any good with numbers, but I still make that four dresses, though - where do the other nine come in?

Well, apparently Liz has decided that she absolutely cannot be seen in the same thing twice, and by "the same thing twice", she means "every time someone looks at me I must be wearing something different". She'll be getting changed at least three times on each day of her wedding, and has called in old pal Donatella Versace to run her up a little something. Or some thirteen little somethings.  Now that's what you call indecisive.