No doubt you would've cottoned on to the fact that this winter, the one thing you must buy to beat the drafty chills is a grey piece of knitwear. The piece I'm coveting is the long grey cardigan from Anglomania, Vivienne Westwood's cheap line, however at £285 it won't be jumping into my wardrobe anytime soon. So, the way I'm going to look snuggly and warm is through combining a grey turtleneck jumper from Topshop (just £20!), along with a slightly more expensive short-sleeved French Connection cardigan, £65 over at Combining the two pieces which are both different shades of grey is a great way of differentiating yourself from all the other plain-grey cardies littering the high street. Now, because I'm a size 14, I'm going to whack on the vivid red knot belt (£18) over the top, just to define my waistline. Just £103 altogether to look even more chic than you would with a designer piece from Vivienne Westwood!