You may well wonder why I've picked a slightly boring looking black top worth £105 as a designer pick of the week when there are so many more interesting pieces out there to show you. I'm not going mad, I promise. Allow me to explain...

About a year ago I picked up a similar top from TK Maxx for about £15. It had the same deep V neckline, empire seaming under the bust and body-skimming flared hem. I bought it simply because I had very few long sleeved tops, it was cold, I was feeling a bit fat and I didn't want anything remotely clingy. It ended up looking a hundred times better than I'd imagined. These tops are brilliant if you're a bit body-conscious. They're not so loose they make you look pregnant, but they hide a bit of a tummy if you've been over-indulging. Even after dropping the weight that gave me the aforementioned tum (well, some of it) it remains one of my favourite items of clothing...especially on fat day! It's so flattering and looks amazing with skinny jeans, hiding all the bits you'd rather people don't see while enhancing the good.

That, my friends, is why Vanessa Bruno's simple but perfect jersey top makes POTW this week, because sometimes it's the simplest things that are the best. Who needs sequins, embroidery and embellishment when you have something that'll make you look thin?