CQ's Hot Topic isour new Tuesday feature where we ask for your thoughts on a big fashion topic. It would be really fantastic if you could take a few minutes to leave a comment with your thoughts each week. It'll help us to learn a bit more about our readers and hopefully make this site even better for you.
This week we want to know exactly what you think of women's / fashion magazines.
Do you still buy them and read them cover to cover, or do you think it's a waste of cash when there are so many great fashion blogs and websites you can visit for free? Are you a slave to Vogue, or do you only buy glossies if you've got a long train / plane journey to go on? Is advertising, advertorial and promotional content doing your head in, or do you tolerate it because you think magazines provide you with stuff you just can't find online? Have you had it up to here with celeb covergirls, or are you more likely to buy a mag with Mischa on the cover rather than a model? Which mags do you love and which do you loathe? Tell us everything and don't hold back!