Ebay OK, hands up anyone who didn't see this one coming... Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton are suing eBay for around £25 million, on the grounds that products bearing their name on the auction site are fake "in the vast majority of cases". No! Surely not fakes on eBay? What is the world coming to?

Of course, Vuitton and Dior are absolutely right about this. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the two brands could spot the fakes in a New York minute. The question here, I suppose, is are they right to sue? Ebay have always maintained that they're "just a venue", that they can't possibly be expected to vet all of the millions of products sold on the site, and that they therefore can't be held responsible for the claims sellers make.

Ebay are right about this too. But here's the problem: because they know they can't vet each product sold, when a big name company decided to kick up a fuss about all the fakes, eBay's solution is to simply pull any auctions for those brands. That's why it's all but impossible to buy or sell Tiffany or Chanel on eBay - Tiffany & Co. have already sued them and won, and Chanel aggressively use the VeRO programme to make sure that their goods can't be sold.

When this happens, it's bye-bye fakes (and good riddance!), but it's bye-bye genuine designer bargains, too, because eBay can't take the risk of a good fake slipping through the net. Ultimately, it'll be bye-bye eBay, as all of the good stuff is banned and we're left with overpriced Primark goodies selling for three times the price on the label. Ah well, it was good while it lasted...