Catherine_1 Oh dear. It's when I read stories like this that I'm glad not to be a celebrity. Today's British papers are all shocked to the core as they report Catherine Zeta Jones' massive fashion faux pas - being seen twice in the same dress. Not only has poor Catherine worn the same dress twice, though, (it's the little Versace number pictured), she's worn it twice on consecutive nights.

The dress first had an airing on Sunday night, when Catherine wore it to The Wolseley restaurant, in London. On Monday night it was out and about again, as Catherine and husband Michael Douglas celebrated their joint birthdays at another London restaurant. For shame!

In her defence, Catherine did accessorise differently on the two occasions, wearing it first with a plain black wrap, and then again with a lacy bolero.

So, should Catherine be hanging her head in shame and writing out "I must only wear my clothes once" twenty times, or is it just refreshing proof that sometimes celebs are just like the rest of us?