Aaa_1Barbara Hulancki, the founder of Biba is said to be unhappy about the relaunch of her label. Biba's original aim was to provide youthful trendy designs for hip young things, much like Topshop nowadays. In its most recent incarnation Biba is attempting to make a designer name of itself. Freud managed a decent job of the show, but given that many of the Biba trademark styles (mini/maxi dresses, bell sleeves, knickerbockers) are currently in fashion this smacks a little of a cash-in opportunity. Especially as Biba didn't even trade for long enough for there to be a substantial archive to draw from. A lot of the outfits had a Biba flavour but lacked the retro details that the original Biba designs had. What would you say if Topshop relaunched as a designer label 30 years later?