Trollies at the ready, ladies: Asda stores up and down the country are taking delivery of the new Fast Fashion range this week, and if the clothes in-store at the moment are anything to go by, it looks like it could be a good 'un.

Sixties-style shift dresses, gorgeous knits and cute little jackets were filling the racks this Sunday, when I salivated my way around the George section. Fast Fashion promises more of the same, but with prices starting at just £5. You'll pay around £24 for a tailored suit jacket, and knitwear is around the £12 mark, making it easy to slip a little something in beside the baked beans and marmite and bareky even notice the difference.

Colleen McLoughlin is the face of the new range, but you can't have everything, I suppose, and if I can just have the little silver mod dress I seen this weekend, that's good enough for me.