Georgioarmani Georgio Armani showcases his Red collection at London Fashion Week this week, but some of London's fashion elite are less than pleased to see the fashion giant appear - because, well, it's just not British, is it? Literally.

Armani's detractors say that the event should be a showcase of British fashion, and that, as an Italian, Georgio's name's not down, therefore he shouldn't be coming in. The British Fashion Council, however, have hit back, saying that guest designers like Armani make London Fashion Week "more exciting", and that as it's all for a good cause anyway, well, who can argue?

The good cause in question is the global initiative to fight AIDS in Africa, which was started by U2's Bono and is being supported by other fashion luminaries, such as Roland Mouret, whose new collection for The Gap will also support charity.

Not everyone is annoyed by Armani, though. Beyonce and Alicia Keys are both expected at Thursday's show, amongst a host of other stars.