Zafu_1 Zafu is an online service that claims it can matchmake you and your dream jeans. The site quizzes you on jean fitting matters such as waist gape, waist shape, seat (just a polite way of asking if you have a big bum or not). Followed by what you would like your jeans to do for you –a rather ambiguous section with terms like ‘butt booty licious’ and ‘doesn’t show my muffin top’. It also asks you for your favourite brands – but to be honest, if I already knew my favourite brand, I’d be unlikely to use this service. Finally you get your computer-picked results and Zafu directs you to the shops that sell them.

This is a great concept,  but I hated all of my picks even on the models, which means the chances of them looking good on me aren’t looking optimistic. And no matter how many questions you answer, until you try a pair of jeans on, there’s no way of telling if you’ll like them. That said, it only takes a few minutes if you fancy giving it a try.