howtolookgoodnaked.jpg I try to stay clear of TV makeover shows because I find myself shouting at the screen in disgust, but when I stumbled across Channel 4's 'How To Look Good Naked', I was pleasantly surprised. While so many tv makeover programs now resort to cosmetic surgery and drastic dieting to make their 'victims' look good (or send unsuspecting women on a shopping spree with pushy fur-trimmed stylists who tell them they're awful at every given opportunity) this is far more subtle. Stylist Gok Wan relies on postivity, gentle pursuasion, salon treatments, simple confidence tricks and common sense to get these women to love their bodies.

These are women who look great but have been fooled (by people, by the media, by rubbish TV makeover shows) into thinking they're not good enough. But Gok works his magic and one computer generated body simulation, a fake tan, a shopping trip and some positive comments from people on the street later, and they're stripping off for a nude photo shoot...and looking fantastic. Gok, we love you for being nice to your participants, encouraging them to love their bodies as they are, and for putting Trinny, Susannah and co's scare-tactics to shame.

How To Look Good Naked is looking for contestants for the next series. If you're interested, the info is on the Channel 4 website.