T434265dh This is not just a dress. This is a bum-lifting, tummy-tightening, leg-elongating, attention-getting miracle of a dress. A magic dress, if you will. Marks and Spencer are selling it from September, and they're making some pretty astonishing claims about it, too. This dress will make you thin! It will make you pretty! It will revolutionise your life! It will cost you £75! Ok, so the last bit is definitely true. As for the rest... well, the Magic Dress (yes, that's really its name, I wasn't kidding) was road-tested this week by The Telegraph, and guess what? They loved it.

When writer Bryony Gordon wore it for the day, she had one of those miracle days, where people hold doors for you, workmen whistle in the street and women stop you to ask you where you bought your clothes. It was all down to the dress. So, what's the verdict? Is this the Galaxy dress of 2006, only with built-in tummy panel?