's latest newsletter just dropped into the CQ inbox, and - while I don't want to make a habit of copying stuff across from emails - I couldn't resist showing you this spread of gorgeous purple stuff for Autumn.

Rich, regal purple is one of my all time favourite colours, and the easy-wear jersey pieces and glam accessories are perfect for adding a bit of intense colour to a dull September (though I suggest you buy now, stocks sell out fast). Sadly, they missed the best dress of all off the list...

If you've got the legs for a short fitted skirt like this, I really recommend you think about treating yourself. The long sleeves and tie neck give it a bit of a 70s Abigail's Party feel, but the length stops it from looking frumpy and modernises the whole look. It's an edgy style that'll take confidence to pull it off, but it's a really good buy at only £30!