As someone who is cursed with DD’s (this is not a blessing in swimwear shopping!) I know how difficult it is to find fashionable supportive swimwear. Luckily things are beginning to change and there’s so much more available this year. It’s all still rather pricey though.

My favourite find was Australian swimwear designer Sue Rice who created a drawstring halter neck tankini that will flatter tummies and boobs, it’s AUD$195.00 (£78) and she ships worldwide. The Seafolly bikini on the right is available in separates at the rather pricey amount of £42 each, but there is a choice of colour and styles for the matching bottoms.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to go for a ‘bra style’ underwired top, halter necks can be just as flattering and just as supportive. The most important factor is to find a bikini that fits, and for most people, this means trying lots on and buying separate tops and bottoms.


The Freya Tequila Sunrise design is available in bra sizes up to an F cup and costs £24 for the top. It's from the excellent Figleaves website who have pages upon pages of D+ designs, and crucially, have free return postage so you can order a range of sizes to get the right fit.  The design on the left is only available up to a double D but like all the featured swimwear, you can order separate sizes for top and bottoms. The tie pants come in in small, medium or large and the set  is £64 from Swimhut -  who also have a small large cup size collection.