Logo_5 In a similar vein to Zafu, the online jeans-matching service, myShape launches next month, aiming to help those of us with awkward-shaped bodies (or am I just speaking for myself here?) find clothes that actually fit us.

Here's the deal: you sign up, measure up, and input your details: the website then shows you a selection of clothes guaranteed to fit you to a T. Or an S, or a Y, or whatever your particular shape is. You can then either buy the suggested outfits online, through the myShape store, or go off and find them for yourself. Best of all, every month one lucky member will be selected to win an outfit worth $500 - the only catch being that you must choose from one of three outfits specially selected for you using myShape's patent-pending ShapeMatch system.

The site's due to launch in September, and at the moment it seems to be set up for US residents. I had to make up an address and zip code to register (where would I be without Beverly Hills 90210?), and laziness prevented me from hunting down a tape measure and proceeding to the next step, so how good it all is remains to be seen. Membership is free, though, and there's that $500 outfit to consider, so if you're sick of everything you try on being too long, too short, too tight, too loose, or just too wrong, it could be worth a look.