Gap_ad_1 If you've ever thought that Gap clothes are pretty much the antithesis of individuality, the brand would like to ask that you think again, please. The Autumn ad campaign insists that Gap t-shirts are, in fact, the absolute ultimate in self-expression, and they've got a bunch of celebrities on board to prove it.

Natasha Beddingfield, Eva Herzigova, Mia Farrow, Jeremy Piven and Kristen Stewart all appear in the campaign, showing us just how easy it is to showcase your personality using just the humble tee. “T-shirts have become the ultimate vehicle for self-expression,” says Kyle Andrew, vice president of Gap Marketing, who does have a bit of an ulterior motive, admittedly. Convinced? Well, they still look a lot like ordinary old T-shirts to me, but the T-Shirt Shop at  is the place to check them out for yourselves.