I loved the FCUK summer selection, but the Autumn/Winter range has just gone live and I’m not quite so enthralled. There’s lots of nice enough sweater dresses, but then they throw in the serpent dress (top left and priced at £130) and I wonder where it went wrong. It’s clearly a Max Mara rip off (shown on right) but I can’t help thinking it was the sort of thing that should have remained on the catwalk, and not found its way onto our high streets. What looked luxe on the runway looks almost cheap and tacky in the FCUK version. I know Yay or Nay day has already passed but I’m keen to know your opinion, am I missing some sort of style genius here, or am I right in thinking this is something likely to be worn by a recently released Big Brother contestant (especially the skirt version -  bottom left and still £110!). *Sits and awaits barrage of ‘I adore it’ protests*.