I'm going to apply for a job in the wardrobe department of big TV show (possibly Doctor Who so I can see David Tennant in his underwear and find out where Billie's knitted armwarmers came from). Or maybe I'll volunteer at a charity shop in a celeb-filled area like Belsize Park or Chelsea. See, there's a lot of money to be made in flogging the cast-offs of the rich and famous. Under normal circumstances you can pick up this Samantha Chang slip for $87 in the Famous Fashions Found sale. However, go on eBay and one is being sold for £395 buy it now with the claim that it's the actual item Eva Longoria wore while filming Desperate Housewives.

The buyer will get a certificate of authenticity, but to be honest I'd be more convinced it really was from the wardrobe of Gabrielle Solis if the pictures found on eBay (above) weren't the same ones that appear on the shopping website. Maybe they just ran out of camera batteries?

[via Bayraider]