A while ago our sister blog Star Trip picked up a rather interesting story about Helena Bonham Carter...and lingerie. Not two items you would generally associate with one another, and I'm sure it'll give some of you nightmares tonight. Trying her hand at fashion, she has designed a range of undergarments, predominantly bloomers, under the label Pantaloonies, with swimwear designer Samantha Sage, both pictured above. If you're after Victorian camisoles, mop caps, and bloomers, all made out of equisite Italian linen, handpainted, and embroidered to a quirky, almost gothic perfection, then check out their new range, titled 'Bloomin' Bloomers'. Available at Harrods, the prices range from £21 to £199, and whilst I was almost revolted at the thought of the renowned eccentric dresser Helena designing underwear, after checking some of it out, I've been pleasantly surprised. [Katherine Hannaford]