Burberry_8  Their clothes have been banned from pubs and adopted as the uniform of choice of the chav culture, but now Burberry have suffered the ultimate insult: Victoria Beckham loves them.

Actually, it's creative designer and good friend Christopher Bailey who is beloved of Mrs Beckham.  When she was seen having dinner with him earlier this month, though, Bailey's Burberry bosses were not impressed, and rumour has it that the man behind the Prorsum line receieved a "severe dressing down" for daring to associate himself - and his brand - with a WAG.

It's not the first time poor Posh has been the subject of such snobbery, mind you. Tom Ford, in his days as creative director at Gucci, was apparently horrified to see Vic out and about in one of his designs - so much so that he called his London PR and demanded that "somebody stop her!"

I guess I better stop lusting over this cashmere blend jacket, then.  I don't think Burberry would want to be associated with me. If you think they might like you better, and you don't happen to be married to a footballer, you can pick it up for a mere £990 from Net-a-Porter.