Would you like to join the team at Catwalk Queen? I love editing this blog but there are only so many hours in the day, and in the name of expansion I'm looking for someone to handle the short fashion news stories that always crop up so I can concentrate on the longer, more image-heavy styling posts.

If you have a serious interest in high fashion, a way with words and an hour or so to spare each day, get in touch. Your job will be to write up any important fashion news; who's been spotted with who, which designers are moving up the ranks and which models have signed the million dollar contracts. You'll be Catwalk Queen's roving style maven, and as such you'll need to know where to look for the up-to-the-minute fash-pack gossip and industry news. What you won't be doing is raiding online shops for outfits and sale news or telling us what celebrities are sporting. We've got that covered!

If you think you've got what it takes drop me a line before September 1st with the email subject 'CQ writer'.  Please include your name, age and location, some info about yourself and three test blog posts. Write new posts as if you've already got the job, don't just send a link to your own blog (if you have one). I need to see that you're resourceful and up to date when it comes to style news so your test posts should be original material aimed at Catwalk Queen readers.