It might sound crazy, but if you're having trouble finding a bikini or swimsuit to fit your perfectly, there is another option...make yourself one! There are loads of crocheted bikinis in the shops, and luckily there are also plenty of freebie patterns online for those who want to try knitting or crocheting their own swimwear. You'll need to be the kind of girl who prefers sunbathing to swimming as most of the yarns aren't suitable for the water...but it'll definitely be a talking point!

Mimosa bikini (actually a one piece) crochet pattern from Adriafil
Cutout bathing suit crochet pattern from Web Archives
'Calla' swimsuit crochet pattern from Adriafil yarns

See over the cut for the bikinis...

Knitted bikini pattern (shown in red) from Get Crafty.
Crocheted  bikini pattern with 'granny square' style sections from Garn Studio.
Hottie from the Blue Lagoon crocheted bikini pattern from JCrochet.

SlkKnitted and crocheted swimwear is such big news now that Swimwear designer Ashley Paige (a favourite of Carmen Electra, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson) has even released, 'Sexy Little Knits', a book of knit and crochet swimwear and other stylish designs. She's interviewed about it here, and there's a great review of the book here. If you don't know how to work the needles (or hooks) there's never been a better time to give it a go!