You can't have missed the many animal print items that have covered the shelves over the last few months, but while a leopard print dress can be difficult to pull off, a bikini is a slightly safer way to try the look. You'll need to be careful how you accessorise a leopard or zebra 'kini though. Try flip-flops, waterproof mascara and beachy hair to dress it down, as poker-straight hair, loads of bronzer and heeled mules is likely to look more than a bit FHM photoshoot-y!

For a change, we'll start with the US finds, which both come from Go Jane.Swimanimal1
Each of these bikinis with built-in skirts come in a brown or black and white animal print. 'Axford' and 'Axness' (left) are $14.99 per piece, as are 'Babitt' and 'Bacchi'. I think the skirts give them a younger, flirtier feel that detracts from the sexy print and stops them looking too over the top. Not so sure about the blue flower applique on the halter top, but we can't have it all for less than $15!

Now for some UK equivalents...

If you're after a real showstopper, look no further than Dolce & Gabbana Beachwear at figleaves, and proof that one-pieces CAN be even sexier than string bikinis. The crossover one-piece is $158 (ouch). Just bear in mind if you're thinking of splashing out that this is not a look for anyone carrying extra weight around the middle as the gaps around the midriff will only draw attention to love handles (go for the leopard print cossie instead).  Meanwhile on the budget end of the scale, Dorothy Perkins have come up trumps with a pink trimmed zebra bikini for only £16 that combines a string top with slightly fuller bottoms. Bargain!