Swimwear of the day today has a striped theme, spinning off from the past-season trend for Edie Sedgwick style. Warehouse's 'Beatnik' bikini top and bottoms in the classic triangle style are reduced to £7 per piece in their sale. Tie bikinis are best left to those who're confident with their bodies, especially when they're coupled with horizontal stripes which can give the illusion of widening the body. This is a difficult bikini to wear, but if you've been working hard on looking great for the beach it'll show that off! Side ties are equal parts forgiving (because you can adjust them) and unforgiving (because they dig into any spare flesh), so be very careful not to tie them too tight.

Over in the US, a very similar bikini has been dressed up at Urban Outfitters with the addition of red and white striped ties. This gives the whole look a more girlie feel but again the ties will draw attention to your hips so be careful not to fasten too tight. The Salinas stripe front tie bikini is also available in green for $50.