When I was younger, I bought almost everything in sales. My mother is a notorious bargain hunter and it rubbed off on me. Even now I feel very guilty if I buy anything full price, but the truth is I've now realised that most things are reduced in sales for a reason. They've been loitering on shelves for weeks unsold...there has to be a reason, right?

That said, I still do visit the sales and reap the rewards. But my tactics have changed.  I tend to go for classic items that won't age (black trousers, jeans, t-shirts, simple dresses and so on) or out-of-season bargains I can stash for the following year (bikinis, coats, boots etc). I avoid anything too 'trendy' (a big no to bubble skirts, city shorts and so on) and go for...well, boring stuff really. There's nothing more dull than buying practical work shoes, but when you find them marked down by 50% in the sales, it's easier to build up some enthusiasm about them...

My other big sale tip is to stock up on underwear. The tail-end of the Debenhams and Marks and Spencer sales are an absolute goldmine (depending on your size). I've picked up £30 bras for a fiver and £14 knickers for £2. A sneaky friend of mine even took the M&S undies she'd got for Christmas back for a refund and bought them all back for half price in the sale.

So this is my question to you - what are your sale shopping tactics? Do you hide away and wait until the hell is over? Or do you rummage with the best of them, ignoring that nagging voice in the back of your head telling you that floral jumpsuit isn't worth buying even though it's only £7? Or do you shop in the sales online, comforted by the fact you'll never again have to fight the pushchairs and pushy moms to get the best stuff? Share the love and let everyone know your best sale finds and tips for snagging the best bargains!