Any frequent flier or ex-student will know their way around a wheely case with no real problems. If you're constantly hopping from place to place, packing safely and securely becomes second nature. But if you're not like the friend of mine who keeps a bag packed with swimwear, SPF 25, flip-flops and a beach towel all year round just in case (no pun intended) here are some tips on how to make the most of that 20kg baggage allowance...

Samsonite - Wrap bottles in plastic bags. This will protect clothes from leaks, but also gives you ample storage for dirty clothes and undies on the way home. Then stash the protected bottles in shoes.

- Make the most of jersey and crinkle items that don't crease. Squish them into all the nooks and crannies created by bulky items. You can also wrap them around anything sharp if need be.

- If you're taking shoes with sharp heels and have delicate fabrics like chiffon in your case, be sure to put them in shoe bags or - if that's too pricey - wrap them in t-shirts or towels.

- If an item is liable to crease, roll it rather than folding it, or use as few folds as possible and put it near the bottom of the case, protected by tissue paper if it's delicate.

- Remember with a wheely case how you'll be dragging it - keep the weight towards the bottom portion to make it easier to carry around and avoid it toppling over while it's upright.

- Pack logically. If you're getting to your destination in the middle of the night, make sure your nightwear, toothbrush and hairbrush are near the top of the case. If you're planning on diving straight in the pool, put your beach towel, sun protection lotion and bikini at the top.

- Once you've packed, make it a rule to remove one item of clothing from the case. We always pack too much and come home with unworn clothes. This is a really good test of whether you actually need that last top / skirt / bra. You'll free up space for a bottle of duty free vodka or a toblerone...!

- If you're planning on doing some shopping while you're away, think about taking some roll-up, air-compressing pack-mate bags with you. They drastically reduce the space taken up by bulky clothing by removing all the air from them (I've tried them, they really do work). However beware...they might free up space but they don't free up weight!

Got any more tips? Share them below. I know my best ones are stolen from other people...

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