TrinnysusannahDespite being a secret What Not To Wear fan, I hate fashion rules. All this 'if you're petite only wear this length skirt, if you're blonde only wear this colour blouse' rubbish. I've read loads of books, articles and blogs that read like a rulebook for getting dressed each morning, and they drive me mad.

Granted, most of these rules do make sense, and I know I always give advice on this blog about what suits which body type and so on, but that's there's offering advice so people can make informed decisions, and there's plain old dictating what they should do. Who decided all this stuff, anyway?

There's always going to be an exception to every rule. The curvy girl who looks fabulous in skinny jeans, or the petite girl who wears flats with dresses and doesn't look squat. What I'd love to know from you guys is how much you value this kind of information. Are you fed up of patronising people telling you what you should and shouldn't wear based on your weight, height or colouring? Or do you find it difficult to know what to pick up on a shopping trip without a strict set of guidelines to follow?