I would complain that I’m far too short to carry off a cropped jacket. Yet I just know that mini-pop star Kylie would show me up to be a fashion wimp by looking fabulous and not at all stumpy in a short jacket.

So now I’ve convinced you that even shorties like me can pull off a cropped jacket why don’t you take a fashion risk of your own this week. OK, so not all obscure trends will suit you, and I’m not suggesting you create a whole wardrobe out of hard to wear items. But try on a few and I’m willing to bet that something you imagined you could never wear actually makes you look fantastic. Just remember not to dwell on the ones that don’t, as much as I would love to wear skinny trousers, I know to leave them on the hanger now.

All these clothes are a little bit different, and I can't claim to like them all, but they are bound to look fabulous on one of you!


Quick Links: Warehouse | Topshop| Miss Selfridge.