One of the best things about spending most of my day online surrounded by the world of fashion is that I'm constantly discovering other wonderful fashion blogs. I'm well aware that I don't link to these often enough (well, I'm very protective of my visitors!) but from now on I'm going to make an effort to find you some quality blogs to visit once you've exhausted yourself here. Here's three to start you off...

DressadayA Dress a Day
You only have to look at the number of comments Erin gets to realise how popular this blog is, and with good reason. It's a blog that does more or less exactly what it says on the tin, bringing you gorgeous dresses to coo over each day. What's great is that it's not just about raiding the online stores and catwalk photos for dresses we've all seen before. The emphasis is on vintage 50s styles and dressmaking, so if you're a retro girl with a crafty streak (like me) you'll be right at home. If you're not, visit this site a few times and I promise you'll soon be bidding on vintage patterns on eBay and begging your nan to lend you her sewing machine.

StylebubbleStyle Bubble
Susie is such a polar opposite of myself when it comes to fashion that I always find myself intrigued by what she writes about. Style Bubble is the epitome of the quirky, culturally-aware London fashion blog. You'll find photos of the madness when Celia Birtwell at Topshop launched next to information on sample sales, laced with exhibition news, 'bubble cam' pictures and plenty of shots of the girl herself in her latest customised creations. It's also done purely for the love of it, which is the most endearing thing. I must add that I met Susie a while ago and she's just as sweet, smart and stylish as you'd expect.

Stylebytes Style Bytes
Agathe is another blogger who frequently posts pictures of her own outfits, and I always have respect for people who have the guts to do that (I fear the 'oh, is that another Primark dress' backlash I'd probably get). Of course it helps that she's tall and slim and looks good in shorts! Her blog, Style Bytes, combines magazine clippings, fashion snaps, catwalk shots and general news with personal views and opinions straight from Oslo. I love to see blogs from elsewhere in Europe, and Style Bytes is one of the best.