It’s hard to believe I’m discussing sweaters on a day where the average temperature certainly wouldn’t permit the wearing of one. But, here goes!  Relative fashion newcomer Clare Tough is just one of the designers heralding the sweater dress this winter. Some of the numbers above are a little skimpy, but with a long sleeved top underneath they could serve as a great winter outfit. It’s not something you’re likely to have in your wardrobe already (unless you’re like Gemma who is probably knitting one up at this moment). But this is surely proof that knitwear can be warm and sexy.


There's more from Clare Tough after the cut.

Personally I’m overjoyed that dresses are continuing into our winter wardrobes. Like the shirt dress, the sweater dress (as long as it is made from a relatively thick knit as opposed to clingy jersey) is pretty flattering whatever your shape, worn with a pair of opaque black tights, it’s comfy, warm and it’ll look darn good. If it weren’t so hot outside, I’d don one right now.