There was a rousing chorus of 'Oi, Keira, Noooooo!!!!' last week on the subject of that floral jumpsuit. A few brave souls are willing to give the trend a go if the look is more subdued, but I'm afraid I'll forever associate the one-piece with my mother in the 80s (blue jersey, elasticated waist...you know what I'm talking about). Moving on swiftly, this week Kim, our Aussie-in-residence, has chosen this paisley maxi dress for Yay or Nay. I read somewhere that by high Summer we'll all be in floaty full-length 70s style dresses (hard to believe with all the great 60s looks around at the mo). So what do you think? Is this something you'll be giving a wide berth, or do you love anything that covers your legs? Yay or Nay and Why?