Jumpsuits are apparently 'so hot right now' (as a Zoolander fan, I just can't say that with a straight face) that Saks feel the need to have a whole category devoted to them. I just don't see it myself...

Take this Topshop offering for example. I've heard tales of girls mistaking it for a dress and ending up in a tangle in the fitting rooms. This is not a good sign. And for god's sake, if someone as skinny and pouty as Keira Knightley can look ridiculous in it, what hope is there for the rest of us and our childbearing hips? Still, the high street giants believe in it so much they've got this one for £38 and a similar white and blue one for £32. But will any of you be risking it? The short jumpsuit - Yay or Nay (and why).

[It's Yay or Nay across the Shiny blogs today, so don't forget to vote at Trashionista, Bridalwave, The Bag Lady and Shoewawa, too! And if you're wondering about last week's poll, the outfit was from Marks & Spencer]