Wags_1I've always been of the opinion that dressing like a footballer's wife is something best avoided, but since the World Cup has begun, I've become addicted to the WAGs (that's 'wives and girlfriends' in tabloid speak). I'm not saying I'm going to turn up to work one day dressed like Nancy Dell'Olio, but I do have a bit of a soft spot for Coleen McLoughlin, now she's gone from velour trackies and ugg boots to smart shorts and Christian Louboutin shoes. You've got to love a girl who turned up in Germany with this lot and still had to get a friend to go and buy more clothes for her a week or so later. Oh, and I'd kill to look like this in a bikini.

But don't worry, I'm not going to show you how to dress like a footballer's wife. The Sun Online have already done that. Whether you covet Mrs Beckham's pouty posing or Cheryl 'The future Mrs Ashley Cole' Tweedy's popstar 'chic' look, they've got it covered. You too can look like Frank Lampard's girl...simply by slipping into a white cotton dress for £12 from Matalan (no, really).

England v Sweden kicks off at 8pm tonight. That means you get the England team and Freddie Ljungberg. Who said I was shallow? (go on then, here's another).