I wouldn't usually consider GMTV to be a great place to pick up fashion tips, but this morning they featured The Infinite Dress, which to my mind has to be one of the greatest inventions of all time if you spend a lot of your life living out of a suitcase. The dress was created back in 1976 by Lydia Silvestry (that's her in the red) for women who needed a versatile piece that would take them from day to evening. The jersey dress can be twisted, wrapped and tied to create 100 different looks...

Jersey dresses go through phases, but now the look is back with a vengeance thanks to designers like Rachel Pally and celeb jersey fans like Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson. The infinite dress - celebrating its 30th anniversary this years - seems just as a fresh and current now as it did back in the 70s.

It will tie and wrap to create everything from a short sleeved kimono-style dress to a sexy backless number. Twist up the straps for a grecian, waist-cinching number, or wear it looser and one-shouldered to flatter a larger figure. There's also the option to add a neck ring, which means loads more halter styles and high-backed numbers.

I always look at multi-purpose items like this with a wary eye - my mom still has her homemade 70s scarf that supposedly became a top, a hat, a wrap but really just sat at the bottom of the wardrobe for thirty years - and the photographs on Lydia Silvestry's website don't really do this piece justice (they're a bit 80s). Still, having seen it on some models this morning, I'm very tempted to order a black one of my own. Pack this for your hols and you've got all your evenings covered!

Buy the infinite dress online from $199 (orders in 2006 get $30 discount)
UK shoppers can order the dress for £69.99 + p&p at Pitchwell from 15th July.