This week's newsletter featuring their version of Roland Mouret's highly sought-after (and copied) 'Galaxy' dress, has sparked curious speculation at Catwalk Queen headquarters - is this dress still current and if so why? Or is it really, as the saying goes, "so last season"?

The Observer asked a similar question back in October last year, around the time that Rachel Weisz wore it to the premiere of her latest flick, cementing the Galaxy as the must-have frock of the season. Prior to this, a stable of celebs including Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley had already jumped on the Galaxy bandwagon, eventually forcing it to completely sell-out and its creator, Roland Mouret, to suddenly quit his own label.

The shock resignation of Mouret who cited "irreconcilable differences over the future creative direction of the company", only succeeded in adding further mystery and demand to his number one design. All of a sudden it appeared that everyone needed a Galaxy dress and at £800 a pop the supply didn't last very long. It quickly sold out in the UK and overseas and high street copies soon flooded the market. On eBay originals were selling for £1,600 - double its original price!

The Lipsy 'Jennifer'(named after Jennifer Ellison) is for sale at for just £35. Which begs the question...why is still hanging around? Is it because of its rarity or because of its ability to slim down figures whilst still exuding that 40s/50s form of sexiness?

Personally I think it's both. It is also an iconic piece to keep in the wardrobe alongside the little black dress, YSL tuxedo suit and Birkin bag (if you're fortunate enough to own any of these, of course). And while the original is beyond most of our reach - even if you can afford it - the high street versions are still available if you feel strongly enough about owning one. Its universal appeal makes it a staple piece even if it seems a bit last season at the moment. We all know how fashion tends to repeat itself, my overall opinion is that you're not risking too much if you decide to go ahead and buy a Galaxy (or Galaxy-inspired) dress right now. [Kimberley Foster]

What's your opinion? Has the Galaxy dress had its day?