I went back to my hometown (which shall remain nameless) this weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday. Now, I'll be honest, it's not exactly the most fashion-forward of places, and Saturday night dressing seems to involve the shortest skirt known to man, worn-out pointy shoes and some kind of clingy lycra top worn with a bra that doesn't match. The upside of that is that when a girl dresses well it's blindingly obvious, and thankfully there are some girls who know how to raid the high street for slightly more subdued stuff. I spotted one girl wearing this white broiderie anglaise dress from Topshop. It combines a sexy style with a girly fabric, which is always a gamble, but worn with a good strapless bra and some great black shoes it really does work - this girl looked great and I found myself thinking "well, that was £40 well spent!"