Shorthippie Easy-wear pieces are getting a bit of a raw deal this year. Anything with even the slightest whiff of 'eau de boho' is being cast aside as last season's leftovers. But we shouldn't forget why we embraced last year's gypsy skirts, kaftan tops and Sienna style so readily in the first place. In hot weather, the last thing you want to do is feel constricted by the kind of items we're seeing this year; spray-on jeans, cinced-in waists and heavy 60s shift dresses. Drop-waists and cool fabrics like the ones on this $184 Michelle Jonas short hippie dress (from Girlshop) are much better suited to the hot weather, which is why I'm making this the designer pick of the week despite the fact it's not particularly 'fashionable' at the moment. I always hated that word anyway...and this is much better thrown on over a bikini than a crocheted dress ever will be (they may be airy, but they lose their shape when they get wet).