I didn't think I'd ever hear myself saying this, but apparently McDonalds is stylish. Obviously it's still not chic to be seen wolfing down a Big Mac in Hollywood (let's be fair, it's not chic to be seen eating full stop) but the 'slebs and wannabes that frequent LA boutique Intuition have been snapping up these tees emblazoned with vintage style McDonalds logos, and mags like Elle Girl and InTouch have been using them in photoshoots. At $56 they're significantly more expensive than a Happy Meal, but they don't contain the calories (or the Hello Kitty toy, sadly). I just wonder how many of the twiglets buying these up in the teeny sizes actually appreciate the irony of advertising the worst kind of junk food? I'm with Papierblog on this one. It's all a bit too much for me!