Inspired by Kirsten Dunst’s gorgeous appliquéd Olivier Theyskens for Rochas gown that she wore in Cannes last week (and she wears it so much better than the catwalk model below), I’ve now decided I want something with a print just like it. Not an easy feat as Kirsten’s dress is from Rochas fall collection, and needless to say I found it difficult to find anything to match up to it in the shops now. Closest was Zimmerman’s bird covered dress, but being a designer dress, this is still way out of my price tag (and the nearest store is in Australia).


If I lived in America, I’d be more than happy to make do with one of these two bird print tees, both reasonably priced at $58 from Anthropologie. It seems I’m simply in the wrong geographical location for a silhouette bird print right now!