Ladies, I'm afraid this Summer shoving an oversized t-shirt over your bikini and pulling your hair into a ponytail just isn't going to cut it. Real holiday style this year takes a bit of effort. If you're heading off somewhere sunny and want to look chic all day long, the luxe pool glam look is what you're after. But looks do deceive, and this doesn't need as much upkeep as you'd think. After all, who wants to be inch-deep in make-up on the beach?

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Pool glam is all about giving the impression that you look glamourous 24/7. Photoshoots like these are all well and good, but we all no that no real woman looks as chic and sweat-free in the blistering heat. So how do you give the illusion of being a bronzed goddess rather than a sweaty betty?

First up is your hair. Big hair is key this season and perfect for full-on pool glam. This is good news for those of us who get an attack of the frizzies the moment the plane hits the tarmac! When on holiday, the trick is to work with what you've got. Salt water is actually amazing for texturising and creating beachy waves (so much so that bumble and bumble charge almost 15 quid a bottle for their 'surf spray' salt-infused styling product). If your hair falls past your shoulders, get waves by spritzing it with a styling product (or splashing on a bit of sea water), winding damp hair into a bun on the top of your head and leaving it to dry. Then take it down and fluff it up with your fingers for killer bounce (and no need to use up valuable shoe space in your suitcase with a hairdryer and GHDs). You'll probably need a bit of serum to add some shine - Charles Worthington does small bottles in his takeaways range. Perfect for hols.

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Make-up wise, it's all about the bronze. With all the fake tans around, there is absolutely no need to lie out in the sun in a low SPF sun lotion, putting your skin at risk. Go for strong protection (at least SPF 15, even if you 'never burn') and get your natural glow slowly and safely, topping it up each night with an after sun or body lotion with added fake tan. The model above proves you don't have to be the colour of mahogany to look great. Subtle and natural-looking is best.

For no-effort daytime glam, I recommend getting your eyelashes tinted before you go away. It's a quick and affordable treat and means long and luscious lashes with no more smudged mascara. Just curl your lashes in the morning and you'll automatically look more made up than usual. Use a tinted moisturiser with SPF (like Benefit's 'You Rebel') if you don't like going without some colour, and use a long-lasting stain on lips and cheeks if you want a rosy glow - Benefit's Benetint is still one of the best but Sugarbaby also make a great alternative, the 'pink ink' or 'sunny bunny' 3-in-1 tints. If you must wear make-up poolside, you need to make sure it's not going to disappear with the first drops of sweat.

Finally, the last things you need for serious poolside posing are some killer accessories. Your essentials are a pair of wedge sandals, a big basket bag and the biggest sunglasses you can find.