British festivals require the ultimate in what-if dressing - It’ll either be scorching hot, or a torrential rain mud fest. The year I went to Glastonbury, the sun shone like there was no tomorrow, I had no hat, no sunglasses, and crucially, no sun cream. Luckily, this was pre-high security Glastonbury, and some free-loving hippy types set up a stall with free sun cream to stop us all frying to a crisp. Now though, you’re more likely to be charged £20 for a £5 pair of wellies if you’re caught short.


Follow Kate Moss’s lead (who else) and pack Hunter wellies and shorts. Shorts are the perfect camping attire, practical and (at the moment at least) stylish. The ones above are from Miss Selfridge and the wellies are Pink Hunters from Wellie Web. Avoid flip flops at all costs - think about what might be on the floor! Throw on a low maintenance top like the aptly named festival blouse from Joe Browns, and you're good to go.


Forget your cleanse, tone and moisturise routine and pack some do-all wipes, Johnson’s 3 in 1 wipes will even remove your waterproof mascara plus they are cheap at £2.99 so you won’t mind when you have to use them for a multitude of other purposes. Forgo foundation for tinted moisturiser with factor 15 in it, try Benefit’s You Rebel. Finally pack a multitasking hat to shade your face from the sun or the rain. Accessorize’s Stetson (£20) will do nicely. Wardrobe sorted, choose your stomping ground and buy your ticket!