I'm always jealous of girls who can layer vintage tops, dresses and tunics, scruffy worn-in jeans and battered ballet flats, scrape their hair back into a messy bun, slick on some lipbalm and look fabulous. With me it takes much more time and effort, mascara and killer heels before I feel even halfway human. But still, I look at pieces like this with awe. On the wrong girl, it does run the risk of looking like she got a bit craft-happy with a pack of hankies, but on the right one this dress has a gorgeous retro feel and looks like a fab 70s vintage find from one of those vintage boutiques with a doorbell that most of us are scared to go into. It's $208 from Active Endeavors, and this week's designer pick of the week, for those of you with the guts to give it a go!