Never mind the films, what are they wearing?

Starting on a good note, Halle Berry looks statuesque in her boob-popping gown, though goodness knows why she is standing like a startled ballerina in this picture. Frock flops include Sarah Michelle Gellar, whose dress at the ‘Over the Hedge’ premiere reminds me a little too much of Thandie Newton’s ‘interesting’ gown at the Baftas.  Cate Blanchett’s choices just strike me as a little odd. Both seem to be verging on the Russian folk trend which we saw a little of last year. So why now Cate? And this one looks like a curtain made into a dress, even the frilly bits are left on!

The French are renowned for their chic style, and actress Elodie Bouchez represents the nation well in her jade green grecian style gown cinched in with a double sized gold belt. Someone clearly needs to have a word with her fellow countrywomen Aure Atika and Julie Gayet though – could your nipples be any more visible?