If the thought of surviving on a desert island without your hair straighteners sends shudders down to your manicured toenails, then these high maintenance bikinis and suits are for you. When you glide around the the hotel pool with your pina colada, all eyes will certainly be on you. If you can pull it off (I know I can't) wear with a perfect tan, cellulite free pins, and heat-proof make up.


This look is strictly for show only, I don’t think either the Ted baker swimsuit or the Swarovski crystal pendant would fare particularly well in the pool. But you’ll sparkle outside of it, and so you should for the £420 it will have cost you.


Ever-so-slightly more natural, but still strictly for posing – Vix's  white bikini (£74) will certainly showcase a good tan, ditto the metallic sandals. The rope ties and coral inspired bracelets add a nautical touch (it's allowed - we're on holiday!).