A wardrobe consisting entirely of bikinis sounds like a nightmare to me, but the girls on shipwrecked seem to carry it off pretty well (months of working on the tan probably helped). If you fancy being shipwrecked for real, then there’s still a few places left at tribe wanted – where you can sign up for your own piece of Fijian paradise. And if you do, just think of all the bikinis you’ll need. Here’s the pick of the web for your desert island capsule wardrobe.


Blend in with your surroundings with Purr's secret garden bikini set (£33), and complete your tropical outfit with natural bamboo bracelets from Accessorize and HQhair's ocean bed treasure necklace (£35).


Island living calls for clothes that are extra versatile, and these Reef flip flops double up as a bottle opener (as shown on the sole above). This is certainly the most innovative use for a flip flop I've found so far, and you’re bound to get fit doing the advanced yoga moves required to crack open a bottle with your foot! Co-ordinate your slides with your 'kini with Billiabong's halterneck offering in pink and black (£30).