Today marks the premiere of Catwalk Queen's 'Yay or Nay Wednesday' column. Those of you who visit Shoewawa and The Bag Lady will already know what it's all about. Each week I post an item. You lovely visitors leave a comment with your 'yay' or 'nay' vote and your reasons. The following week I'll reveal the results and let you know where the item came from. This helps us to get a better idea of the kind of things our regular visitors like, so we can make sure that future content is as useful as possible for you all. Oh, and it's fun!

To begin with, cast your votes on this baby, a girlie ruffled cable knit tie cardigan. Yay or Nay, and why? If you know where it's from, please resist the urge to tell everyone. I don't reveal the details until next week because I don't like voters to be influenced by price or designer label.