Take note, pale is interesting. Nude is so much more than a than a dull pink/beige/cream hybrid. Think of the variation in our skin tones and you’ll see the variety of shades hidden under this seemingly boring moniker. Pick from a palette of nudes and layer them up for a look of luxe casual. We found it’s best to shy away from pieces that are too close to your skin colour, as you don’t want people to think you really are a nudist. We’ve picked out some of the prettiest ways for you to go au naturale.


French Connection has come up trumps with these gorgeous natural shade tops, priced at £55 each. So much more interesting than your standard long sleeve top, both have great sleeve detail and tie waists to give you a great shape. Who said nudes were boring?


I adore this dress from TopShop, the beautiful pale colour only adds to its fairytale appeal, and the smooth velvet cardigan  ($60) on the left is perfect for covering up when it gets a bit chilly. The ultimate in luxurious nudes, and so easy to wear.


Mango is another savvy choice for nude shopping! They have an excellent range of shades from English Rose pink to 'just come back from holiday' tan. The items shown are priced at £25 for the short sleeved wrap-around and £45 for the trousers. Both great additions to any spring wardrobe. [Charlotte Howells]